The Environment and Health Atlas for England and Wales is an authoritative collection of over 80 full colour maps showing geographic patterns of common environmental agents and health conditions of public health importance including mortality, cancer incidence and birth weight, along with interpretive text.

Each chapter provides an overview of the evidence on potential health impacts of environmental agents, particularly how they might relate to the geographical variations in disease risk. The health chapters show recent time trends within England and Wales and, where available, comparative maps of Europe and the world, and provide summary statistics for the data presented. This information is also discussed in the context of other risk factors.

The Environment and Health Atlas for England and Wales informs researchers, policy-makers and the public on the geographic patterns of disease and potential exposure to various environmental agents. It has been developed to assist in developing hypotheses and research into the reasons for variability in disease risk that may relate to environmental agents. It is essential reading for public health professionals and academics from within the fields of public health, epidemiology, health geography and statistics.

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